Air Conditioner: FIXED!

Chores: DONE!!!

It was a better day.

I started the day with a short prayer time during the baby's 5:30 am feeding (it was short because I did fall back asleep when she was done).

We somehow managed to hit the ground running and actually finished our chores by 9:30 am. By that time, the air conditioner repairman had arrived and I was able to use his presence for a short lesson on strangers...just because he was at our home did not mean that we knew him. My daughter is very friendly and outgoing and would take him all over the house showing him things if I let her. Gotta be careful of that one!

Anyway, we pulled out a game for "school time" and tried a slightly less formal method of learning. Dora the Explorer Chutes and Ladders was the lesson...we practiced number recognition and counting. We actually played the game for about 5 minutes till they decided to play the game "their way" and I decided I wasn't going to die on that hill! Next, we moved on to play dough while mom balanced the checkbook. The kids had a blast. This was also a nice lesson in color recognition for Joshua! Then we had lunch and were off to naps - during which time I managed to squeeze in 2 hours of work (I work from home helping out a friends business as often as I can). All in all, I'd call the day a success...a few moments of, well...chaos and disorder, but overall I am feeling pretty good. Now, we prepare for tomorrow...

Chores: Dust up and downstairs.
Windex all mirrors and doors.

I know it doesn't seem like much, but dusting is my LEAST favorite chore. We also will do one load of laundry and will probably run to the market. Hopefully we can get some "school" in as well. And speaking of chores...in all my ambition last night I printed out new chore charts for the kids. This really helped their motivation level today...

Nicole's Chore Chart (4 years old): Make Bed, Feed Dog (AM), Kitchen Helper (empty the dishwasher if clean, set/ clear the table), Clean-up the Play Room, and Quiet nap time.

Joshua's Chore Chart (2 1/2): Make Bed, Feed Dog (PM), Laundry Helper (he puts the laundry in the washer and presses start, then changes it to dryer), Clean-up Playroom and Quiet nap time.

Nicole has to help Josh do some of his chores, but as we learned this morning in devotions...helping others is a way to show God's love to them. And besides, they get stars for doing their chores with a "happy heart," who could ask for more?

And so now, the kitchen is clean, my husband's lunch is packed and I am off to bed. Lord willing, tomorrow will be as productive as today and I can be one step closer to my re-organized life after Baby #3. Tune in tomorrow for the next update...

The LORD is my strength and my shield;
my heart trusts in him, and I am helped.
My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song.
Psalm 28:7


Milk Mama said...

Glad to hear the AC is fixed!!! :)

Kristin said...

So glad the air is fixed, though I'm sure not as glad as you are!

Milk Mama said...

Wow that is so cool about what Lauren's mom is going to do for her daughter! I think that it will help her out immensely! B-Milk is amazing stuff!!!