I was reading a post in a blog I frequently visit when I was challenged by the writer's message...she asked, " If you had to choose ONE word to describe your mother, what would it be?" I have thought long and hard over this question and I have finally decided the word that I would use to describe my mother is:
That's right, the word I would choose to describe my mother is Beloved. And no other word could bring me such joy!
You see, I was the first in my family to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, at the ripe old age of 19 at the Pennsylvania State University (I was a sophomore at that time). I believe that my Dad was close in following, and then my sweet sister (who is 7 years younger than me), but my mom was a little harder to convince. She was raised in the Catholic Church and was certain that I had lost my mind when I became an evangelical Christian. She wanted nothing to do with my outspoken faith! But somewhere along the way I began to see changes in her. And with much prayer and perseverance, I am so thankful to say that she is now a Believer as well! And that is why I chose the word Beloved...because my mother is a Beloved daughter of the King of Kings, just like me!

A few weeks ago, when my father was preparing for his heart surgery, he asked me if he should write each of us (my sister, my mother and myself) a letter before he went into surgery. I quickly responded that he should NOT write me a letter. I told him, "Dad...I know that you love me and IF something should happen, you can tell me whatever else you need to say on the other side. Because I know that I will be spending eternity with you in the Kingdom and our earthly goodbye is just a temporary one."

Very few things bring me more joy than knowing that my whole family (and Lord willing, my children one day too) will be with me in Heaven. Thank you Lord for this amazing blessing.

And Happy Mother's Day Mom, I miss you and I love you!

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Leah said...

that is so sweet and how amazing to have such a wonderful family relationship!!