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Tuesday, March 23th, 2010

Outside my window...the sun is shining and there is a slight frost covering everything. Beautiful!

I am thinking...it was sad to return the puppy to her breeder but it was the right thing to do. Much less stress here this morning. And Samson is much happier now that she is gone...

I am thankful for...God's many blessings...there are too many to count!

From the learning rooms...finally back to the grind. We stalled last week after I got a migraine. Glad to finally be back in the books!

From the kitchen...Mother Hubbard's cupboard is bare...headed to the city for some groceries!

From the Garden...getting some seeds and supplies today in the city. Yeah!

I am creating...crochet bandannas. Great for bad hair days and they don't slip! So fun!

I am going...90 miles to the city for a month worth of groceries with 3 children. Walmart, Sams Club, Health Food Store, Pet Store. Should be a long day!

I am reading...The One Year Bible, Mere Christianity (C.S. Lewis), and Little House on the Prairie with the kids.

I am hoping...for God's mighty hand to work in several areas of our life. I need to keep reminding myself that He is faithful!

I am hearing...our morning dose of Dora the Explorer. This morning Nicole tried to convince Abi that she couldn't be Dora if she still sucks on a pacifier...Abi didn't like that!

Around the house...finally managing the mess. Mopped floors, some de-cluttering, and lots of laundry!

One of my favorite things...a clean house :-)

A few plans for the rest of the week: Groceries, school, cleaning, Awanas, and lots of outside play in the sunshine!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

The Splendor of the King...

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Days Like These...

It's days like these that I love the most...

Daddy gave us a job to do and we decided to tackle it with gusto, determination, and creativity! We conducted "outside school" in the backyard this morning as we picked up rotten apples off the newly exposed ground. Yeah, sounds fun, right? Let me go back for a minute...

We moved into our home November 1st last year and the crab apple tree in the back yard had been unattended for several months. Soon after we moved in ~ as we were unpacking and getting settled ~ the weather quickly turned cold. The remaining apples on the tree fell off the tree and were covered in snow in what seemed to be overnight. I figured that snow would melt and we'd be able to pick up the apples before winter really set in...but I was wrong. The ground is now exposed for the first time since then and boy is there a mess! Not only are the 100's of rotten apples on the ground (I really don't remember there being that many before....it's like they multiplied under the snow), but the puppy has made a habit of eating them and the make her stink in a way you cannot even imagine! And that's why Daddy challenged us to pick them up.

We set out this morning with gloves and buckets to get the job done. I pulled a large garbage can from the garage to empty our buckets into. While we worked, the school lessons and creativity came naturally. We counted apples as we put them into the buckets, talked about seasons and life cycles and even recited verses we have memorized about working hard for the Lord. We pretended to be our favorite characters from "The Little House on the Prairie" series...our current read-aloud selection. After about an hour, I could tell they were wearing out and I had to run inside ...so when I came back and heard them talking about picking up seeds, I figured they needed reminding that we were supposed to be picking up the apples. They explained that they were birds - specifically a mommy and daddy bird and they were collecting seeds (which were the apples) for their baby birds (who were in the large garbage can). Oh...I get it! We sang birdie songs and even flew away to birdie school where we talked about the many differences between flying birds and penguins (we learned about penguins just before Spring Break). This went on for another whole hour!

We still have a few apples to pick up this afternoon. The large garbage can is almost FULL...I can't believe how much work we accomplished in such a short time. After lunch, it's back to work then into the school house for a wee bit of "inside school." This morning has made me look forward to gardening with the kids this summer....and all the things we can learn in the process.

Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to homeschool my children for your Glory. Thank you for showing me ways to teach them more about you in the everyday chores of life!


Happy Birthday Nicole!

My precious little girl has turned 6...I never could have imagined this day! She is so full of life, creative, thoughtful, and FULL of love for the LORD! I am so thankful for Nicole.


The Simple Woman's DayBook

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Outside my window..."Tut tut~it looks like rain!" That must mean that spring has reached Northern Montana.

I am thinking...I would really like to go back to bed today. Our company left last night and it is time to recuperate. Guess I'll have to turn to more coffee instead!

I am thankful for...my eldest daughter. She is such a blessing to me!

From the learning rooms...Spring break is over and we are getting back on track to finish the school year strong! This week is the Letter Z and zebras as we finish studying "wild animals."

From the kitchen...baking more gluten free bread today.

From the Garden...still planning and hoping that I will have a successful garden for the first time ever! Got a book from Home Depot last night to read-up and learn some more.

I am creating...a home that is a safe-haven and place of rest for my family and friends.

I am going...to take it easy this week and catch up on life!

I am reading...The One Year Bible, Mere Christianity (C.S. Lewis), and Little House in the Big Woods to the kids.

I am hoping...that Lauren's MRI brings good news this week (Mar 17th)!

I am hearing...a lot of whining this morning...kids need to catch up on rest!

Around the house...mess, mess, mess!

One of my favorite things...Chili's chips and salsa. Yum!

A few plans for the rest of the week:clean, school, rest, and grocery shop at some point. Boring, I know, but necessary!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

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The Simple Woman's DayBook

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Outside my window...a beautiful fresh snowfall...confirming that winter is indeed not over yet!

I am thinking...I am not sure if the puppy was a good idea. She is quite a handful and the last time I checked ~ my hands were already full! My husband would like me to spend more time training her, but I am not sure where to fit that time in...

I am thankful for...the God of all comfort and strength who gets me through each and every day!

From the learning rooms...currently transformed to Wolfie and Grandma's guest house. We are on Spring Break so we can fully enjoy their visit.

From the kitchen...still battling with homemade gluten-free bread. I am not satisfied with the end product so I will keep trying!

I am wearing...my pajamas!

I am creating...memories with my children and their Grandparents.

I am going...to the other side of the mountains later this week! Can't wait...I hear they have good shopping there!

I am reading...The One Year Bible, Mere Christianity (C.S. Lewis), and Little House in the Big Woods to the kids.

I am hoping...that the rest of the week goes smoothly!

I am hearing...a rare moment of quiet since Grandma just took the kids over to the school/ guest house for an hour.

Around the house...a bit messy since we have company and have not stuck to the "routine." Oh well, we are making memories, right?

One of my favorite things...my own personal quiet time in the morning. Doesn't always happen but it did today and I am very thankful for it!

A few plans for the rest of the week: go with the flow...we follow the lead of my husband and his parents so they can see and do all they want to while they are here.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Never got this picture posted after Abigail's Birthday...now we are getting ready for Nicole's 6th Birthday later this week. Hope her cake turns out as well as Abi's did!

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