Theological Smackdown!

My beloved 6 year old is too smart for her own good...

We were in Home Depot the other night with my husband....waiting for my husband, I should say. Home Depot happens to be the one store in the whole world that sells my childrens' most favorite gum in the whole world...mentos gum with the green stuff inside. As we were waiting for Daddy, the children hunted down and recovered 3 packages of said gum. They of course asked to open them right away...to which I said...

NO! I said, "Let's keep them right here in the cart until you prove yourselves WORTHY of the gum by your good behavior."

Nicole looked me square in the eyes and said,

"Mom, we are not WORTHY. We will NEVER be WORTHY...only God is WORTHY and you should never compare us to Him.
Now can I please have my gum?"

Yes, Nicole, you may have your gum.