Musings of a VERY Pregnant Momma

It's official...I've lost my mind.

It happened about 3 days ago when I realized I had lost the mayonnaise jar. I had made myself a tuna fish sandwich for lunch and must have been in a hurry to clean up afterwards. That night, when I started to make David's lunch for work, I could NOT find the mayonnaise anywhere. We searched the whole kitchen over...the freezer, the pantry, the trash can. No mayonnaise. I was laughing so hard I could barely hold my bladder (not uncommon being 9 months pregnant). I also knew that the laughter could at any time turn into uncontrollable sobbing (also not uncommon given the circumstances). Anyhow, 2 days later we found it...On the 2nd shelf up in the spice cabinet. Don't ask me, cause I don't know.

All I know is the brain is gone. And at this point I might not get it back!

And just when you think it doesn't get any worse...

We (Nicole, Joshua and I) were at Motherhood Maternity store purchasing a few "end-of-pregnancy" shirts (yes, I have outgrown all that it is my closet) when my daughter decided to strike up an all too familiar conversation..."Mommy, does that lady have a baby in her tummy too?" Well, in the maternity store you wouldn't think that was a big deal. But no, she had to be asking about the one non-pregnant woman in the store. The cashier...
She was a very sweet lady who happened to be a slightly larger than average woman. We were standing at the register when my daughter asked her pointed question and I quietly told her, "No sweetie, she doesn't." The lady smiled at me and I explained that she asks that about everyone we see. I thought things were under control until Nicole stood up in the stroller and insisted quite loudly, "Mommy, she does have a baby in her tummy. I know it! See how big her tummy is." I suddenly felt like a live version of a Southwest Airlines commercial...wanna get away?

C-section day is officially one month away!!!