Progress Report

Day #2 of life back on track...

Chores: DONE!

Yes, that's right...I tackled my greatest enemy (other than my weight and the dentist) and dusted my house. I also Windex'd the mirrors and glass in the house. We tackled the market and ran an errand for my husband. I somehow managed to have dinner ready when my husband got home from work (thankfully he was a little late getting home...so I had a few extra minutes) and I even walked the dog!!!! Brownie points for me, ha ha. You should have seen the looks I got from people...me with the baby in the front carrier, Nicole and Joshua in the now VERY heavy jogging stroller and the huge yellow lab pulling us down the street. We were a traveling circus!

Vacuum up and down stairs
Balance the checkbook

Dinner: Tacos, Spanish Rice and Beans

Wednesday is a crazy day because we go to speech therapy an hour away. Joshua loves his teacher and she is working miracles with his speech...so at this point it is still worth it. When gas hits $4.00 per gallon here in So Cal I will have to reconsider our 2 hour round trip drive for 30 minutes of speech class! Until then, we pack up the kids and enjoy the ride! The cool thing is that we drive by Miramar Naval Air Station and always see cool helicopters and jets flying overhead.

The bad news for today was ATTITUDE! It stunk all around my house. Nicole has been pushing buttons ever since she has recovered from being sick last week. Give her an inch of slack and she'll walk all over you! I quickly grew impatient with her finagling and Joshua's whining and my attitude went right down the toilet with theirs! Looking back now, I see what was missing - that short but ever so important prayer time during the baby's morning feed. Bummer - I cannot leave that one out! Anyway, there was a fair amount of shouting in my house today. I am very disappointed in myself. The market was a nightmare because the children would not keep their hands to themselves and Nicole almost knocked an older man down because she was dancing around the sidewalk while walking to the car. I feel like they should know better because I am always on their case about it...but I guess they don't. I guess I should just take it as a reminder of the importance of my quiet time in the morning (no matter how short of insignificant it seems, it is still vital for my day) and the ever important task of TRAINING my children. So we keep training. And praying. And praying. And praying some more.

Hope you have an awesome day tomorrow! Here's praying for a better attitude in my house...

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Tracy said...

Love the image of you and the fam walking the dog. Kudos to you for getting out anyway...I don;t think I would have!!