My precious family is trying to help me lose my postpartum weight. Truth be told, Abi is almost 6 months old and I have lost 30 pounds, but I still have about 25 to go. Complicating the matter right now is the fact that I am extremely hypothyroid...which also accounts for the fatigue and depression I have battled since Abi was born. But that is a post for another day...

We were eating dinner a few nights ago - our favorite...Take-out from JalapeƱos Mexican Grill (I still haven't quite mastered working from home and cooking on a regular basis). I had eaten one beef flouta and was intentionally saving the 2nd for lunch today. I started to take a bite of refried beans when my precious, loving, well-intentioned husband said, "Don't you think it is time to stop eating - since you want to lose weight and all?" Ummm yeah, cause I just lost my appetite.

My husband must be in cahoots with my daughter, because today we were on our way home from the park when I decided to jump in the Taco Bell Drive-thru line for a large Pepsi.

Confession time: Coca-Cola and Pepsi are my drug of choice. If not for them, I would either be a chain smoker or raging alcoholic. I know it is not right, nor is it healthy. But it is reality right now. MY husband HATES that I drink soda (and I drink a lot of it ).

So anyway, I tell the kids, "Mommy is just going to get a drink and then we'll go home." My 4 year old says, "Mommy, you don't need a drink from here." I replied,"Oh really, and why not?" She very matter of factly stated, " Because you can get a drink of water at home."


It's a conspiracy, I tell ya! No mercy!


Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for the following:

For the first time in 4.5 years, I will not have to buy diapers again...

for the next 2 months!

Joshua is officially potty trained and Abi has enough diapers left over from the baby shower (yes, she is almost 6 months old and we are still lavishing in the wonderful gifts of our friends) to last us at least 2 months.

What will I possible do with the $$$ I will save by NOT buying diapers over the next 2 months???

Any great ideas?

Wordless Wednesday

Seeking comfort after a bad dream...

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Abi's Bedtime Song

I love you, Abi
And I always will
Forever, true
I love you, my child

Have peace from God
As you close your eyes
May you have a sweet,
sweet sleep,


I'm Back....

OK, so after a wonderful 10 day visit with my family...

And 5 days with NO INTERNET...

Resulting in 5.5 hours on the phone with Verizon/ Microsoft/ Belkin/ and then Verizon again...

I am finally back online!

I'll post some great pictures a bit later tonight. Right now I am recuperating from the sheer exhaustion of dealing with very intelligent non-English speaking computer technicians from far away lands...


Wordless Wednesday

A Girl and Her Bear...

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