A Sense of Humor

Did you know that GOD has sense of humor?

I mean, we all know that He is magnificent, holy and perfect. Creator and sustainer, giver of all good gifts. All knowing and all powerful. (I could go on and on, but you get the picture)

BUT...have you ever stopped to think about His sense of humor?

Can you ever just tell that God is getting a good chuckle out of your situation? Well, imagine this scene...

I was shopping at Kohl's for a pair of shorts for my upcoming trip to North Carolina. The shopping part was unpleasant just because of the size I ended up purchasing, but that is a whole different topic for another day...Anyhow, the pleasant part of the experience was my children's' behavior. Abi was in the stroller and Joshua and Nicole were walking...usually a recipe for disaster...but things were going surprisingly well. We got to the register and had almost succeeded without incident when it happened...

I noticed a poor momma of 4 walking towards the register with her SCREAMING 3 year old. He was having the tantrum of a century. And she had "the look." You know it...the 1,000 yard stare that says, "Do not look at me and certainly do not speak to me or I shall surely rip your head off." Feeling great compassion for this woman (as my children stood patiently waiting for the cashier to help us), I said a quick prayer for her...it went something like this, "Lord, I know how this poor woman feels. Please help her now. Give her Your peace and let her know that she is not alone." And why did I have to say that last line? No sooner did I say "Amen" than my own Joshua began his own gianormous temper tantrum right there at the check out. Fortunately, we were almost done, I swept him up into the stroller and made a mad dash for the door. As I reached the car (Joshua still WAILING) I realized that God has used ME to show her she wasn't alone. Thank you...I needed that.

As my husband loves to say - "Everyone needs to be humbled every now and then."

PS: Chores got done today and we made it to speech therapy. I must admit that I am starting to lose my motivation though...Tomorrow: clean bathrooms and empty trash. We will probably eat out since I am leaving (with Abi) early Friday morning for North Carolina (my baby sister is graduating from college...Congrats Ashley!!!). I'll be spending most of my evening packing, I'm sure.

PS Again: The picture above is of Joshua when he was about 8 weeks old. Always has been a screamer!!!


Milk Mama said...

That's good! God uses us in so many ways each day... we probably don't even notice three quarters of those times!

Milk Mama said...

Thank you Leah! I pasted what you wrote to Firemom along with the comments. Thanks for helping me out. I am glad that I met you... it's great to hear from an LC. ;) Thank you once again. I love to hear from a pro!!! :D