She's a MANIAC...for the Lord!

Remember that perfectly sweet almost 7 year old I was telling you about here...and how she wanted to ride her bike all around town so she could tell people about Jesus? Well you can give that girl and inch and she will take you for a mile!

(Nic showing off her missing teeth)

Nicole had her first piano lesson today. We were blessed to find a christian piano teacher who was teaching a group lesson to some little girls in our town. Nicole would be the oldest in the class - but it would be a great way for her to meet some new friends and see if she would like to continue with private piano lessons down the line. Anyhow, the piano teacher lives about 15 minutes outside of town so the moms decided we would take turns driving to lessons. One of the other girls is particularly shy so she wanted her mom to drive first.

Now...never before in the last (almost) 7 years has anyone driven up to my house, picked up my daughter and driven away with her. Never. I have always been there. A few months ago she went to a friend's house for the day without me...for the first time ever. I guess you could say I am having a hard time letting go!

I anxiously watched the clock waiting for her return. She came home bounding with energy (what else is new) and excitement. She had a wonderful time at lessons and remembered to use her manners. The only complaint was that the lesson was too short (to which I had to explain the theory of time flies when you are having fun). And then...she dropped the bomb...."I did talk a lot on the way to and from lessons, Mom."

Uh oh.

"Really, what did you talk about?"

"Well, I asked if my friend knew about God and she said only a little. So I told her about the Bible. The whole Bible. I started with Adam and Eve and then I told her about Noah and Abraham and Moses and David and Jesus and even about Paul - how he was in jail and told people all about Jesus while he was there."


That must have been an earful for a 5 year old and her mom...who don't go to church...who think homeschooling is a little, um...weird.


And yet, I was so proud of her because she was finally doing what she feels called to do - to tell people about Jesus.

Then...just about 9pm the piano teacher called. She wanted to let me know about something that happened in class.

Uh oh....

The teacher uses a mouse puppet named Mozart Mouse to help her teach the class. At the end of class, Mozart Mouse bowed to the students to thank them for coming. Then she had the student take a bow back to Mozart Mouse. Uh oh. I knew where this was headed...

She said that as Nicole was walking out the door...when all the other parents were there...she said, "But Mrs. Holden, I though we were only supposed to bow down to God."

I explained with a laugh that we had been reading the Torah and learning more about the 10 Commandments. We had also recently discussed Shadrach & friends (cause I don't know how to spell their names) and how they ended up in the fiery furnace because they wouldn't bow down to any god other than Elohim (the one true God). The teacher said she completely understood and that she thought it was wonderful...but mentioned that the other parents did look a little concerned. I told her I would talk to Nicole about it tomorrow morning and maybe next time she could use the term curtsy instead of bow...just a suggestion!

I can only pray that her little fire keeps burning with passion for YHVH (the Lord)! You tell 'em, Nic!

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