Musings of a VERY Pregnant Momma

It's official...I've lost my mind.

It happened about 3 days ago when I realized I had lost the mayonnaise jar. I had made myself a tuna fish sandwich for lunch and must have been in a hurry to clean up afterwards. That night, when I started to make David's lunch for work, I could NOT find the mayonnaise anywhere. We searched the whole kitchen over...the freezer, the pantry, the trash can. No mayonnaise. I was laughing so hard I could barely hold my bladder (not uncommon being 9 months pregnant). I also knew that the laughter could at any time turn into uncontrollable sobbing (also not uncommon given the circumstances). Anyhow, 2 days later we found it...On the 2nd shelf up in the spice cabinet. Don't ask me, cause I don't know.

All I know is the brain is gone. And at this point I might not get it back!

And just when you think it doesn't get any worse...

We (Nicole, Joshua and I) were at Motherhood Maternity store purchasing a few "end-of-pregnancy" shirts (yes, I have outgrown all that it is my closet) when my daughter decided to strike up an all too familiar conversation..."Mommy, does that lady have a baby in her tummy too?" Well, in the maternity store you wouldn't think that was a big deal. But no, she had to be asking about the one non-pregnant woman in the store. The cashier...
She was a very sweet lady who happened to be a slightly larger than average woman. We were standing at the register when my daughter asked her pointed question and I quietly told her, "No sweetie, she doesn't." The lady smiled at me and I explained that she asks that about everyone we see. I thought things were under control until Nicole stood up in the stroller and insisted quite loudly, "Mommy, she does have a baby in her tummy. I know it! See how big her tummy is." I suddenly felt like a live version of a Southwest Airlines commercial...wanna get away?

C-section day is officially one month away!!!


Kristy said...

Hilarious! No doubt about it, she's Dave's daughter...

Chris said...

HI Leah,

Thought I would check and see how you were doing! I can't wait for your baby to be born. And for you to post a picture. Take care, Chris

happybunny said...

Congratulations on your forthcoming birth. I was having a giggle when I read about the mayonnaise. Last year I was heavily pregnant and remember how I thought I was losing my mind - my partner Karl did aswell......... I had a C section on the 15th February - my own choice and I was due in at 11.00 but that morning I went into labour - still had the section but at 6 in the morning - so it truly would have been his birthday. Take care - know its a daft thing to say but try and get some rest before little one arrives...

Laurie said...

Hi Sweet friend Leah! :)

Cute post..I wish we didn't need an excuse to lose our mind once in awhile though. :)
I need a menu list for you! Is there any particular dinners you would like after the baby is born?

All is very well here on the home front, God is faithful and has proved Himself to be the great healer of all aspects of my life right now! I'll try to email you or I'll call soon. Is your life group doing meals for you guys? Many blessings to you,


p.s. The next woman's retreat is coming up in May..woohoo!!


Rich Kirkpatrick said...

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I would love it if you would add links to me and perhaps the other 11 bloggers from Sunridge. Go to www.richkirkpatrick.com and on my side bar you can find the links to all the Sunridge Bloggers I know of as of today.