Surviving Christmas

I received this cartoon in an email the other day and it meant so much to me. We don't have a lot of money for Christmas gifts this year, and all that I have bought is contained in 2 Walmart and 2 Target bags in the guest bedroom. Fortunately, we have family (my parents) who have been willing to pitch in and be "Santa" for the kids...they'll never know the difference. I have been overwhelmed with the peace that comes when lacking the "Christmas Crazies." I have had more time to focus on Jesus, and less worry about the commercialism of the holiday. I find myself searching for creative, inexpensive ways to bless others...like chocolate covered spoons for dipping in coffee and homemade goodies for neighbors/ needy. Anyway, the cartoon made me smile so I thought I'd pass it on you. Enjoy! God bless you and Merry Christmas.


Kristy said...


How did Christmas go? Wonderfully, I hope. Thanks for the Christmas card! Has Dave started his new job?


Laurie said...

Leah..I did my Christmas shopping at the grocery store this year! :) :) I didn't get paid till the day before Christmas eve and when I finally went out shopping the night before Christmas..nothing was open except Ralphs.. I'm sure glad my kids are gracious...

I'm glad your blogging. :)