A Tale of Two Daughters

I have 2 daughters, one is 6 and the other is 2.

The older daughter is a gem - you couldn't ask for a better child. She is sweet and fun, silly, smart, and loves Jesus with all her heart. When she was a toddler she insisted on having well-dressed baby dolls. Each morning we would dress them from head to toe - only to redress them in the jammies when the sun went down. Each doll had multiple outfits and she loved to dress them up. Flash forward to today....Nicole is our "modesty police." She is grossly offended by immodesty. Even Dora the Explorer (with her belly-button showing top) isn't off the hook. She was horrified to learn that...a long time ago...her mommy was one of those "not modest" cheerleaders she sees on television. Yup, the modesty police....

The other daughter is, well...2 and taking full advantage of it for a few more months. Any and all baby dolls withing her reach MUST be NAKED. In fact, the first thing she does to a baby doll is strip them down. And now that I mention it...she likes best to be naked as well! A neighbor commented to me in the fall that Abigail was outside in her undies...I quickly pointed out her clothing which was strewn about the yard. I dress her ~ she undresses herself. What it a mom to do?

My husband and I were discussing the vast differences in the personalities of our daughters when he pointed out that....if Nicole's baby doll preferences led to her obsession with modesty...we'll be lucky if Abigail doesn't end up a stripper.

I'm not sayin' ...I'm just sayin'.

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Kady said...

OK now that is funny! Thanks for a good chuckle. Loved seeing you and the kids awhile back!!