That's right...I am a slacker.

Everyone gasps...

Never suspected it, did you?

It's true...I have been a horrible slacker when it comes to blogging. I didn't even wish you all a Merry Christmas this year! I am so sorry, so very sorry! Can you ever forgive me? After all...it's not like I am raising a 3 ring circus...oops, I mean 3 beautiful children, a yellow lab puppy (commonly referred to as Marley reincarnate), managing a home, and juggling my husband's constantly changing schedule. I really do sit around and eat bon-bons all day. Really. (Actually,I am horrified at the thought...bon-bons are gross).

So, have you forgiven me yet? Things really have been hectic! We had an awesome Thanksgiving and Christmas. We had a visit from our cousins on the East Coast and my kiddo's thoroughly enjoyed playing with Peter and Anna. My family was here for a total of 3 weeks and that was fantastic! The kids had a blast w/ Mimi and Bumpa and Aunt Ashley.

Since the start of a new year, we have changed our schedule a bit. Nicole is attending ICAP (Inland Christian Academic Program) for a Kindergarten 101 class. This is a homeschooling Co-op close to our home. She goes to class for one hour each Wednesday. While Nicole is in her class, Joshua goes to the "preschool room" for snacks and fun with some new friends. Fortunately, Mom got assigned to work in the preschool room the hour he is there...or else I am afraid he wouldn't be so excited about it. We are gearing up to officially start school with Nicole in the fall.

Here is the funny thing about me and homeschooling. I am a very type A, uptight person. I like a schedule. I like to know things in advance. And I do not like to take things lightly. But surprisingly...I am not the least bit stressed about how or when or what curriculum I am going to use for Nicole next year. And for that matter, I am not sure that I will even register her for kindergarten next year. (In CA you do not have to take kindergarten and you do not have to "register" for school purposes until you are 6). We may just do kindergarten for fun! She has already met most of the kindergarten objectives in "preschool," so we may just plug along at our own pace. My sister-in-law was astounded when I shared all of this with her - I think because she knows my personality so well. I explained that this overwhelming peace...peace that surpasses my understanding... is how I KNOW that the Lord has "called" me to homeschool. The conviction is strong and I am certain the He will not only make a way, but show the way as well!

Aside from schooling changes, Nicole has moved up to "the big girl" ballet class. She was previously dancing in the "tiny-tots" class and was invited to move up to the "pre-ballet" class (for 5-7 year olds). She looks so tiny next to all those 7 year olds! She is doing a great job though and even got fitted for her recital costume last night. She says the class is "hard work" but fun. She has even made a new friend, Riley, who is in both her ballet class and her ICAP class.

Joshua is...well...he is still Joshua and we love him more and more each day! Check out his blog http://4theloveofjosh.blogspot.com for more info on latest developments with his health/ diet/ and speech. Just a few weeks ago he tried out a Karate Class at Sunridge Christian Karate. We were excited for him to work on his balance and coordination while increasing his confidence and building character. Unfortunately, he isn't quite ready for the "seriousness" of karate lessons...even in the very young ages. That being said - it was amazing to see him around other little boys...talking and playing and being silly! I never would have imagined that! The instructors were great and offered for us to bring him back every 8 weeks to try a class again and said we can repeat that as many times as necessary until he is ready. In the meantime we are working on discipline at home...standing still, sitting still, and Yes Sir!

And Abigail - it breaks my heart to type the words...she is turning 1 tomorrow. Where did this year go? I cannot even believe a whole year has come and gone. Abigail is the spitting image of Nicole as a toddler. They look the same and...scary enough, their personalities are much the same. Abi is very strong-willed and determined. She is very close to walking and is a super fast crawler who looks for any chance she can find to escape! She maneuvers the stairs with ease and loves mischief. I spend most of my day chasing her around trying to keep her from making (or cleaning up) messes. (Note: see the first paragraph about me eating bon-bons on the couch). She adores her big sister and brother and would follow them anywhere...including into danger, so I have to keep a very close eye on her!

OK, so that is enough update for now. You have my word - I'll be back to post again soon! I have a few devotionals to post and more updates on Joshua's blog as he has really been my focus these past few months! Thanks to you all for your grace - even those of you who pestered and harassed me to get back to blogging :-) Talk to you again soon!

Love, Leah

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Yeah, we missed you! Welcome back! :)