Wordless Wednesday #4 - Prayer Request

Please read the urgent prayer request below. Thank you all!

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Michelle in Mx said...

God can do wonders yet!
Beautiful painting by the way and prayers from this corner!
Powerful WW!

tabatha said...

Thank you, Leah I had not heard the out come. Your blog is beautiful and up-lifting. God is amazing and knows all. This weeks bible study helps me to know he is in control. Even though I can't understand this cup Lorean has to bare. She is so young and yet God is using her in a mighty way!

I will be praying that God takes this cup from her. Yet we want his will to be done. Just as Jesus prayed and asked God, so can we. (Matthew 26:38)

Leah, the kids and I will be praying for you and your family tomorrow. Also we will lift up Lorean and her family.