How I got here...

A blog?!? You want me to do what?

This has been my thought for the past few weeks. But in the end I realized...the story is too good not to share.

You see, the Lord has blessed me with two beautiful children. One energetic, fun, happy and healthy 3 year old little girl and one not so happy, not so healthy, challenging 21 month old little boy. And let me tell you...they grow me!

Joshua started getting sick around 5 months old. Over the next 17 months, I took him to more doctors than you could imagine. We evaluated for everything from sleep apnea to well, you name it...And the general doctors' consensus was not in our favor. He's spoiled. He's bored. He'll grow out of it. But the Lord put a conviction on my heart that Joshua was hurting. So we pressed on. Finally, at 18 months (still not walking or talking) Joshua was diagnosed with "silent" refux. This means that he has acid refux but does not throw up like most babies...he swallows it. Reflux medicine made significant improvements in his quality of life, but we still wanted to know why he was suffering from the reflux in the first place. Well, after much struggle, we have reached a diagnosis...Celiac's Disease (or gluten intolerance).

When I first decided to start the blog, Joshua was still really suffering. But I am happy to report that he is doing VERY well. He is on a new diet and is enjoying life for the first time EVER! He laughs and has an amazing smile that we never knew existed. He dances and tickles and gives hugs and kisses...things I never thought I'd see him do! He is eating and sleeping (yes, this is a miracle) and has gained 2 pounds since we restricted his diet. Amazing! We are praising the Lord and yes, we are dancing ~ for He has given us much to dance about!

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